Superfood Lattes by Sol Cleanse - 100g

  • Cocoa

    A creamy blend of antioxidant rich superfoods to strengthen your body and balance your mood. This naturally stimulating tonic can be used to replace your daily coffee for an organic pick-me-up morning or night making it a healthy, caffeine free alternative suitable for all ages.

    Featuring immunity boosting Reishi Mushroom and energy stabilising Maca

    Salted Carmel

    Harnessing the naturally sweet caramel flavours of Mesquite and the mineral rich goodness of Pink Himalayan Salt, this tonic is a low GI, caffeine free option suitable for all ages. Containing protein rich, mood balancing superfoods, this tonic makes for a decadent treat without all of the nasties.

    Featuring blood sugar stabilising Mesquite and energy balancing Maca


    A warming tonic to stimulate your digestive fire and soothe your being. This anti-inflammatory blend of organic herbs and spices is an Ayurvedic classic beneficial in fighting off colds, balancing the immune system and relaxing the body for sleep. A healthy, caffeine free alternative suitable for all ages.

    Featuring anti-oxisising, anti-inflammatory turmeric (>5% curcumin) and a blend of ayurvedic spices.

    33 Serves


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