I first met Julie when she popped into the shop for a browse on the way home from the CityCat.

Her big beautiful smile was infectious and we got chatting instantly. You know when you meet someone and have one of those convos that makes you feel like you’ve known them for ages, that’s what it’s like to chat with Julia!

Soon after that, I met her two little wanderers, Frankie & Marley, and oh lordy!, this sibling duo are a force to be reckoned with! Full of life, inquisitive (about everything!) funny, cheeky and just genuinely great kids!

After a couple of fun shop hang outs, I knew I wanted to get to know this beautiful family more. So toward the end of last 2019 I invited Julia, Frankie, and Marley to explore the store, choose their fave styles and have a fun style session - all captured by the talented Emma Sparks Creative.

What ensued was a laughter filled afternoon; a whirlwind of colouring and dress-ups, all the while snacking on Cobs cheesey popcorn, and Frankie & Marley’s new found favourite – "Sparkly Juice" – juice mixed with sparkling water, which was introduced to them by my Mum who used to make this for me and my sisters when we were young – a healthy alternative to soft drinks!

I later sat down with Julie to chat all things life, summer style, and why they love living in Bulimba.

How long have you lived in Bulimba?

We've lived in Bulimba for 2 years and loving it!

What's your favourite thing about Bulimba?

It's got that village feel, and I love the treelined streets. There's a really great community vibe for an inner city suburb.

Any local insider tips, spots or activities?

The pain au chocolat from the French bakery on oxford street is amazing, and I love the coffee from Hawthorne Garage. They are super friendly and each coffee comes with the cutest mini gingerbread man!

How did you come across our little boutique?

I was walking from the ferry stop and popped in on the way home, it was love at first sight!

Tell us a little about yourself. Interests, work, passions...

I'm passionate about connecting with people, usually over a mutual love of pastries. I'm passionate about people knowing their worth, overcoming adversity and working together to make the world a better place. I currently work in media, and my hope is to facilitate important vulnerable conversations to ensure people don't feel like they are going through this rollercoaster ride of life alone.

How do you find the Mama/ work/ life balance with your adventurous little ones?

You never have anything in balance, nothing will ever be perfect - you just have to work out what's important in the long term and relish in the seasonal!

Any life hacks you have for Mamas/Mamas-to-be juggling kids, work etc.?

It's easy to get overwhelmed, don't be hard on yourself and others - when you're having a good season make sure you look out for people who might be doing it tough, I’m a firm believer that what goes around comes around.

In three words, describe Frankie & Marley’s personality's.




What's the biggest difference you've found with raising a girl vs. raising a boy?

I completely underestimated how much boys need one on one time with their dads, I know with Marley he has such a special bond with his dad it's so beautiful to see.

What's your favourite thing to do with your hubby on the rare occasion you get some kid free time?

We love checking out new restaurants and if we are at home, you'll find us binge watching Netflix sports documentary series!

How would you describe your personal style?

I'm having a bit of a fashion identity crisis at the moment and recently gave my wardrobe a massive overhaul. My personal style could be best described as classic with a twist.

Do you and your family have a favourite summer getaway?

We go to Rainbow Bay every summer and love it!

What's your go-to summer outfit?

Wide leg linen pants and a crop top!

You chose a couple of beautiful Arnhem pieces during our in-store style shoot. What drew you to these styles?

They have that classic Aussie summer look and are so versatile to wear.

What's your favourite summer style/item from The Common Thread?

I love THE M|N|ML Linen Palazzo pants and Veja Sneakers for the kids!

Love their style? Shop Julia, Frankie & Marley's looks below!


Rylee & Cru 'Wild at Heart' Tee, 'Millie' Skirt by Nature Baby & Veja's Kids Esplars velcro sneakers in metalic purple and gold


'Quirky Critters' organic cotton tee by Jump Swim Draw, Nature Baby's 'Dreamer' Shorts & Navy & Red Esplar by Veja Kids


Julia loved Arnhem's crimson colour way from thero Serafina collection. Her go-to's were the Romper, Blouse and Kimono, and the perfect slide for summer vibes - the Basha sandal by Bulibasha

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