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A bright and sunny space where you'll find a curate collection of ethical and sustainable wares for Women and little wanderers.

Hello beautiful humans!

Let me start by introducing myself - for those who don't know me my name is Safa and for the last few months I've been working on an exciting venture - THE COMMON THREAD.

THE COMMON THREAD will create a space where we all have something in common. A curated collection of ethical and sustainable wares for both Mum and Bub, as well as their little wide-eyed wanderers.

Once established, the space will also become a space for the community to gather for events and activities, including mothers group and workshops for Mamas and babies.

A little about me...

Fashion has been a big part of my life and career, and over the last 10+ years I’ve worked in a number of different roles within the industry - from buying to wholesale brand manager and more. While I've loved each stage of my career, retail and buying are roles that I've always come back to - in between trying to “make it” as a designer - and it’s a career that I really do enjoy. But I’ve also seen the damage that the industry I love does to the planet, and the problems with mass consumerism and fast fashion.

Over the last few years I’ve had an internal struggle - and still do - with the impact that I and my fellow human have on this beautiful earth. It’s something I have started thinking more and more about in relation to my career choices and the companies I would like to work for. It’s hard to find work in the creative industries, it’s even harder when you start to put a limit to the companies you want to work for due to moral and ethical beliefs. We all need to make money in this world but sometimes I find myself thinking at what cost??

Amidst my internal career/life/ethics crisis, the idea and desire to create a space always flits in and out of my mind, but I usually pass it off as an idle daydream. Towards the end of last year those fanciful thoughts took a step into reality, and a back yard conversation over a few beers (one my partner, Ross, and I have had many times) actually took root and started to grow. Ross and I have always had ideas of running away to the coast and starting some small business that allows us to escape the city and spend our spare time surfing (yeah right daydreamers - small business and spare time are two words that don’t really fit together) but there is usually always something that brings our ideas to a halt. i.e. reality/adulting!

At the beginning stages of creating THE COMMON THREAD I thought it would be the same as past ventures, and that I would get to a point where it would all just fizzle out. This time around eveything aligne, and while I had a couple of things that almost threw my plans out the window, I pressed on, so with a lot of work and sleepless, anxious nights, I’ve arrive at the start of something exciting!

In 2016 my sister Desta and I created an ethically produced, organic cotton label creating luxe basics for women. In the past two years THE M|N|ML has grown to include organic linen styles, as well as unisex pieces. While our label is still growing we haven't wavered from our ethos to do good in all aspects of our business. We've have had many discussions - good and bad - about consumerism, waste, sustainability and ethics, and where we - as a brand, and humans - fit into this big crazy world.

It’s hard to find that balance between making a success of a business out of a brand that’s whole concept is “slow fashion”. We like taking it slow, and love being able to produce well-made clothing without the urgency of creating seasonal ranges - our clothing is made to be worn for a lifetime, not for a season - but where do you find the balance of not forcing unnecessary consumerism and actually making money to keep the business going? How do you keep a market that is so focus on trends and "the latest fashions" interested when you only release intermittent capsule collections, it's a niche market, and one that is growing, but sometimes the struggle is real and the hustle is slow moving, but we love what we do and our belief that the fashion industry needs a shakeup is strong. At the end of the day we want to provide a better option to what’s currently available, and if people start to make the change to take a closer look at the choice around them and make the choice to choose better, the world will be little brighter.

The same ethos is the driving force of my new venture. Having and holding those morals and values at the top of my priorities with the THE M|N|ML has really influenced my own lifestyle choices on a deeper level. Being aware of people and planet have always been at my roots. My parents brought my sisters and I up to be conscious beings, instilling in us the basis to be good to people, planet and animals.

And no, I haven’t always been a model human. I’ve had my dalliance in fast fashion, junk food and single use plastic, but as I’ve grown, I’ve gravitated back towards those values we were brought up with, and have been making the choice to shift my life and career to reflect the sustainable and ethical values I hold in high esteem

I have a lot to learn - there is always so much to learn - but I also have a lot to share, and I’m am very fortunate to be in a position to create a space for others, and myself, where the community can gather to connect with like mined people, enjoy a bit of conscious consumerism and learn new skills and fun DIY projects.

To quote Ron Burgundy - "I'm in a glass house of emotions!". I'm currently in a state of flux - excited one moment, sh**ing myself the next - but I can't wait to open the doors of THE COMMON THREAD in a weeks’ time and meet everyone in the wonderful community that is Bulimba!

Come say hi and stay for a chat! Grab a gift for a Mama or a little wanderer, or treat yo’self to a well-made item that you can treasure for a life time.

Here’s to the thread that connect us - let it be made of love and laughter, adventure and wonder, care and compassion!

With love,

Safa xo

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